Vadolibero’s New Bicycle Shelf Is a Head-Turner

A better way to store your bicycle

By The Editors
December 16, 2015 9:00 am

A well-made bicycle is a work of art. Symmetrical. Functional. Intuitive.

Which is exactly why you shouldn’t be stuffing it into the back of the garage next to the lawn mower.

Showcase that sucker proper-like, in a Vadolibero Bicycle Shelf, a new Italian-made, open-sided bookcase built for all things velo. You can customize the wood with matted/unmatted birch or oak, as well as the cubbies (which are also available as drawers). We prefer the open look, though, ideal for your helmet, gloves, water bottles, shoes, books, etc. The stainless steel clamp will keeps your ride secure and every unit comes with a clothing rack that doubles as an LED light.

Give your wheels the pedestal they deserve.

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