Every Californian Must Own at Least One

Make it official. Buy this art.

By The Editors
November 16, 2015 9:00 am

Here’s a fact universally acknowledged: California’s the best state in the union.

And San Francisco has historically been a magnet for artists from all disciplines, from Ansel Adams to Allen Ginsberg.

Celebrate the fact that you made it here with one of our favorite California-themed designs from this past weekend’s West Coast Craft, your one-stop-shop for superior home design.

Maybe you’re looking for a table or desk in the shape of the 31st state, cut from claro walnut and hand-finished with linseed oil. In that case, see here.

But if it’s wall art you seek, look no further. We sniffed out four artists from the WCC that specialize in Cali-themed art.

Western Edition makes nine letterpress representations of our favorite in-state destinations. Our favorite: Tahoe.

We also love Laura Helen Winn’s photographic version of the Golden Gate because it gets it from our favorite vantage: wild, wooly Lands End.

This art card will look perfect casually (but not actually casually) pinned to the fridge.

SF maps are a dime a dozen. Maps illustrating our microclimates are better.

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