Sports | December 24, 2020 11:21 am

Why Does Arizona Cardinals CB Prince Amukamara Have a Side Gig as a DoorDash Delivery Guy?

It began as a competition with his sisters, and he takes competition very seriously

Arizona Cardinals CB Prince Amukamara Made Hundreds of DoorDash Deliveries
Prince Amukamara on the sidelines during a preseason game in 2019.
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From May to August, while he was a member of the Las Vegas Raiders, Arizona Cardinals cornerback Prince Amukamara spent a good amount of his time dropping off deliveries instead of picking off passes. Isolating with his wife Pilar, two children and five sisters in his greater Phoenix home, the former first-round pick needed to find something to do other than hike around in the Arizona heat.

So along with his sisters Promise and Princess, be began delivering food as part of a contest to see who could earn the most money, ESPN reports. Amukamara selected DoorDash, Princess started working for Postmates and Promise signed up with Instacart.

Though it was just for fun, Amukamara took the competition with his sisters very seriously.

“You have to have great attention to detail,” Amukamara told ESPN. “And then, also, just being on the other side of it, just knowing that, like, when I order stuff, I want them a certain way.”

After each shift, Promise, Princess and Amukamara would sit at the kitchen table and compare their earnings. Eventually, they decided that all the cash they made would go to the Others Foundation, an organization the 31-year-old helped start in 2017 that has a mission “to be an outpost of hope by providing aid, service and support to those in need.”

With earnings somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000, Amukamara did beat out his sisters, winning bragging rights and, even better, netting a $25,000 donation to the Others Foundation courtesy of DoorDash.

“That’s huge,” Pilar told ESPN. “We’re a new foundation. Prince has raised most of the money for the foundation, so getting such a large lump sum was extremely helpful. During the pandemic, it’s pretty tricky to raise money and you don’t really want to ask people for money during a time like this, either. So we both thought it was really cool and really encouraging.”