By Rebecca Gibian / August 26, 2018

Here Are the Three Best Bets On Longshots to Win the Super Bowl

It is never too early to wage your Super Bowl bets.

super bowl
Michael Thomas #13 of the New Orleans Saints makes a catch for a touchdown in front of Pierre Desir #40 of the San Diego Chargers to trail 28-34 during the fourth quarter at Qualcomm Stadium on October 2, 2016 in San Diego, California. (Harry How/Getty Images)

August is the month of optimism for NFL bettors. If you are able to accurately choose this season’s champion five or six months ahead of time, a handsome payout awaits. But making a smart futures bet isn’t as simple as taking the Patriots at +500, writes Sports Illustrated. In order to truly find a worthy bet, you need to dig into each team’s odds and see who is undervalued. Sometimes, the best bet might be the one that is counterintuitive. Sports Illustrated put together a list of each NFL’s preseason odds to win the Super Bowl, as well as bets that could make you look real smart (and make you real rich) come 2019.

New Orleans Saints +1600

The Saints went home last year because of a costly error by a rookie. That same defensive youth could shoot New Orleans to greater heights by the time the 2019 preseason rolls around. Plus, few offenses are as scary as the Saints’.

Washington Redskins +6600

It is pretty easy to see the team going 9-7, grabbing a Wild Card spot and then making a run for it in the playoffs. They have Alex Smith’s consistency, and Adrian Peterson is bound to be rejuvenated in a new environment.

Los Angeles Chargers +2200

Last year, the team still managed nine wins and they appear to be on track to improve upon that mark. Philip Rivers is a sharp passer and he’s got some great targets this season.


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