Sports | February 28, 2020 6:00 am

Which NBA Team Has the Most Valuable 2020 Draft Capital?

ESPN projects which squad stands to gain the most from the draft

Basketball player sitting on the court
Anthony Edwards of the Georgia Bulldogs could be the No. 1 pick.
Carmen Mandato/Getty

While we don’t know which team will be picking first this summer in the 2020 NBA draft, it’s not too early to assess which team will have the most ammunition once June 25 rolls around.

ESPN senior writer Kevin Pelton did just that and penned a piece where he projects which squad stands to gain the most from the draft based on the expected value of each team’s possible first-round picks.

According to Pelton, the Minnesota Timberwolves (17-40), who own their own pick and a lottery-protected selection from the Brooklyn Nets, will have the most amount of draft capital entering the first round in June. The primary reason is, in addition to their own lottery pick likely falling within the top five at the very worst, Minnesota will almost definitely get the Nets’ selection and it has a very good chance to be the most valuable lottery-protected pick possible (15th overall).

After the T-Wolves, Pelton ranks the 17-41 Knicks (their pick and the Clippers’ selection), 12-46 Warriors (own pick), 17-41 Cavaliers (own pick, top-10 protected) and 20-38 Hornets (own pick) as having the most valuable amount of draft capital. 

Of the teams in Pelton’s top 10 in terms of draft capital, only one, the Boston Celtics, has a winning record.

The Celtics own three picks in June (their own, Milwaukee’s and Memphis’s top-6 protected selection), the only team with a trio of first-round selections.

As they won’t have any first-round picks of their own in June, Pelton lists the Rockets, Pacers and Clippers as having no draft capital at all.

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