Sports | May 22, 2019 10:24 am

LeBron James Taught Conor McGregor a Lesson About Money

James, 34, has amassed a net worth of nearly half a billion dollars

Conor McGregor in 2018. (Hans Gutknecht/Digital First Media/LA Daily News via Getty)
Conor McGregor in 2018. (Hans Gutknecht/Digital First Media/LA Daily News via Getty)
Digital First Media via Getty Im

Nearly as polished in business as he is in basketball, LeBron James has amassed a net worth of nearly half a billion dollars, according to Forbes.

In addition to making money from endorsement deals, the 34-year-old star has also made a number of shrewd investments — with the most important and ultimately lucrative one being in himself.

Last year, James revealed he spends $1.5 million per year to take care of his body. That figure includes shelling out for trainers, massage therapists, chefs and extensive home gyms, among other things.

After finding that out, another elite athlete with money to burn — and invest — decided he was going to change his spending habits.

Conor McGregor, who made $99 million in 2018, said the revelation about James made him shift his focus away from spending his money on materialistic things like cars and watches.

“I have switched off of that,” McGregor told Tony Robbins in an interview on“I realized I was spending things on material items and not on myself, my being, and my fitness. I read that LeBron James spends $1.5 million yearly on himself. Physical therapists, masseuse, nutritionists, all of that. When I saw that, I said ‘I spend zero [on myself].’”

It’s unclear if McGregor, who announced his retirement from UFC for the second time in March, will be getting back into the Octagon again.

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