News & Opinion | May 26, 2018 5:00 am

Behold This Lean and Mean ‘Vampire Slayer’ Custom Suzuki Motorcycle

Newly released mod from Tattoo Moto goes retro with sleek and minimalist design.

The team at Tattoo Moto has put together a very untraditional custom bike, and you’re going to want it, immediately. The Suzuki GN400, or “Vampire Slayer,” exemplifies moto-minimalism without sacrificing ride-ability or style, writes Maxim. It has a hacked-off rear end with a new LED taillight, as well as chopped front forks, powder coated star shaped mag wheels, a custom low-profile tank and a slick black seat. The cockpit is also minimalist, with clip-on bars and a mobile device mount to monitor speed with the help of an app. The whole thing is done in matte black. It is definitely something we can see Buffy riding on her way to slay the undead.