News & Opinion | July 3, 2018 5:00 am

What to Read, Watch and Listen to This July

InsideHook picks the best movies, TV, books, and music for July.

Are you wondering what you’re going to do all summer? Well, InsideHook has it figured out. They put together a list of what you should watch, read and listen to this summer, whether you are sitting at the beach or staying out of the heat with some A/C.

WATCH: Sorry to Bother You

Boots Riley (from iconic political hip-hop group The Coup) wrote and directed this weird tale of an African-American telemarketer (Lakeith Stanfield) who suddenly excels at his job when he adopts a “white voice” — the very pasty tones of comedian David Cross. The movie comes out in select theaters on July 6, everywhere on July 13.

Want to use the movie theater’s free A/C? You can also check out Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6)McQueen (July 20) and Mission Impossible: Fallout (July 27), or head to InsideHook’s Summer Movie Guide.

BINGE: Castle Rock

This J.J. Abrams-produced drama is shrouded in mystery, but it does tie together a lot of Stephen King’s most iconic works — which often took place in this titular city. (July 25, Hulu)

CELEBRATE: Nelson Mandela 100th birthday
The late South African leader was born on July 18, 1918, and to celebrate, InsideHook offers two timely book suggestions: Going to the Mountain, a series of life lessons as shared by his grandson (out June 26), and The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela (out July 10), a series of previously unseen correspondence from the great anti-apartheid revolutionary.

READ: Gossamer
This magazine is for “discerning and curious individuals who just happen to smoke weed.” You can learn about secret hotels, Sedona’s renaissance as a travel destination, criminal-justice reform, fake food, and more while also reading about expected topics like CBD oil and stoned Tinder.

LISTEN: InsideHook’s Spotify playlist
The playlist includes some of the best songs of the month, like new hits by Interpol, Macy Gray, Gorillaz, Underworld and more.