News & Opinion | July 11, 2018 11:09 am

Surveillance Video Shows George Clooney’s Motorbike Crash

The actor hit a car that turned suddenly into his lane.

george clooney
Video footage shows George Clooney's motorbike accident in Sardinia. (Rich Fury/Getty Images)
Getty Images

George Clooney was in an accident in Olbia, Sardinia on Tuesday when the actor slammed his motorbike into an oncoming car that turned suddenly into his lane. Clooney was thrown several yards in the air, according to a video of the crash, apparently taken by a fixed security video.

“He is recovering at his home and will be fine,” Clooney spokesman Stan Rosenfield told the Associated Press in an email.

In the video, you see a blue Mercedes veer into oncoming traffic, seemingly to turn into a residential compound near Olbia. The video shows what is reported as Clooney’s scooter crashing into the car while another scooter around him managers to avoid the car. Clooney is thrown over the front of the bike and up in the air before hitting the ground. The car driver and other witnesses come to help. The John Paul II hospital in Olbia confirmed Clooney was treated there and released a few hours later. The newspaper La Nuova Sardegna said the Oscar-winner was heading to a film set when the accident happened.