News & Opinion | July 19, 2018 5:00 am

Holiday Resort Bans Topless Bathing, Public Nudity

Spanish authorities are cracking down on excessive behavior.

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Authorities on the holiday island of Mallorca, Spain are getting serious about what they call “the tourism of excesses.” The island’s capital, Palma, recently started cracking down on excessive behaviors like drinking, public nudity, sex and other anti-social acts, reports CNN. 

“This ordinance will not solve all the problems but gives the police tools to work with,” said Palma security councilor Angelica Pastor, according to CNN. “I hope that it helps to improve the city so we have a better coexistence in the main leisure areas.”

The new measures might be in part due to rising complaints from locals about the behavior of the visitors who provide Mallorca’s main source of income. Around the world, mass tourism is being debated in travel hot spots, including Machu Picchu in Peru and Venice in Italy. The rules in Palma will give police more control over the island’s entertainment industry and the power to issue on-the-spot fines, reports CNN. Anyone caught walking around topless could be fined up to $3,500 and people performing sex acts in public or jumping from hotel balconies into swimming pools will also be fined.