News & Opinion | July 13, 2018 11:15 am

People Are Waiting in Line to See Bob Ross on YouTube

Libraries across the country are playing episodes of "The Joy of Painting."

bob ross
TV painting instructor/artist Bob Ross jubiantly holding up paint pallette and brushes. (Acey Harper/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)
The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images

Bob Ross died more than two decades ago, but he has recently made a pop culture comeback, ever since his show became available on YouTube and Netflix. The big-haired, always-cheerful public television painting teacher from the ’80s and ’90s has a calm, encouraging voice and has inspired T-shirts, a Chia Pet and even a board game. He has become a Halloween costume and even a millennial birthday party theme. And now, local libraries are helping out his icon status by holding paint-alongs with wait lists to get in.

Across the country, people are vying for spots at Bob Ross paint-alongs. Libraries are showing episodes of his show, The Joy of Painting, and providing materials for attendees to follow along and create their own masterpieces. Most of these events are free, while others charge a small materials fee. The events are so popular that some people are waiting up to six months to get in.