By Rebecca Gibian / October 9, 2018

Instagram To Use AI To Stop Bullying In Comments, On Photos

Company also adding a bullying comments filter for live videos and a kindness camera effect.

Instagram was started in 2010. (Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Instagram is hoping to stop bullying on its platform with a little help from artificial intelligence.

The Facebook-owned photo sharing network rolled out a machine-learning tool that will detect bullying in photos and captions. If the AI tool decides a photo is unkind or unwelcome, it will be sent to Instagram’s community operations team for further review, according to CNet. 

The AI tool also detects bullying in captions and comments, including attacks on someone’s appearance or well-being, according to an Instagram spokesperson. The tool can also compare, rank and rate images and captions to find bullying in photos, such as a split-screen image where someone is compared to another person in a negative way.

The company also introduced a bullying comments filter for live videos, which can detect and block offensive words during a live stream. Instagram programmers also added a kindness camera effect with the input of teen author and actor Maddie Ziegler. If you follow her, you can get the effect automatically, and when in selfie mode, the filter will cover your face in hearts, and you can tag someone to support, reports CNet. The rear camera shows “kindness” in multiple languages.

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