News & Opinion | March 20, 2019 9:59 am

The Going Market Rate for Jeff Bezos’s Secret Sexts to Lover

National Enquirer reportedly paid Lauren Sanchez's brother $200,000 for sexts.

jeff bezos
Jeff Bezos, richest man alive, gets richer
(MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

What do a billionaire’s text messages to his secret lover go for on the open market?

In Jeff Bezos’s case, $200,000.

According to The Wall Street Journal, that’s how much The National Enquirer paid Jeff Bezos’s lover’s brother for the Amazon founder’s sexts and photos to Lauren Sanchez aka “Alive Girl.”

People familiar with the matter told the WSJ that it was Michael Sanchez, who gave the billionaire’s secrets to the publication, not Saudia Arabia or insiders at the White House.

“The deal caused arguments at American Media before the Enquirer published its January story about the affair, these people said,” according to the WSJ. “A blowup in a restaurant between American Media Chief Executive David Pecker and his general counsel for media led the lawyer to leave the publisher immediately.”

Mr. Sanchez is a talent agent who has been a source for the Enquirer and its top editor in the past. He also has supported President Trump on Twitter and has ties to conservative activists, the WSJ reported.

In comments to the publication, Mr. Sanchez said he didn’t want to “dignify” the report about the $200,000 deal and said it was “old rumors.” He also denied sending “the many penis selfies” to the Enquirer, but wouldn’t say whether he had provided photos of Bezos in general.