News & Opinion | July 24, 2018 5:00 am

Check Out the Trailer for DC’s Most Fun Movie Yet

DC tends to trail Marvel at the box-office, but the first trailer for "Shazam!" shows they are mixing things up.

"Shazam!" trailer (YouTube)

DC is attempting to mix up their universe, as shown through the trailer for their newest movie, Shazam! The D.C. Extended Universe usually trails Marvel at the box office, in Rotten Tomatoes scores and even just in the fun-factor. But Shazam! looks like the lightest, brightest and funniest offering yet, according to Esquire. 

Shazam! is about a foster kid named Billy Batson who is given powers by a sorcerer. He then transforms into a super-strong, bulletproof, grown-up caped crusader every time he says the nonsense catchphrase that the film is named after. Though the film won’t be out until next April, the studio released a trailer at San Diego ComicCon to tide you over. Watch it below.