Music | August 14, 2020 10:05 am

Scorpions’ New “Wind of Change” Box Set Comes With Actual Pieces of the Berlin Wall

The box set will be limited to 2,020 copies

German hair metal band Scorpions in 2002
German hair metal band Scorpions in 2002.
Lebrac72/Creative Commons

German hair metal band Scorpions are offering up a bit of history with their new box set — literally. As Variety reports, the group’s new box set centered around their song “Wind of Change,” which they recently denied was written for them by the CIA, will include actual pieces of the Berlin Wall.

“The piece of the wall included in the set is described as ‘handcrafted,’ which may sound suspicious for a historic artifact, but the remnants have been ‘customized with the red “Wind of Change” star and a handwritten lyric by Klaus Meine,’” the publication notes. The box set will be limited to 2,020 copies, and it’ll go on sale via the band’s European website in September for 65 Euros (or $77).

In addition to the piece of the wall, the set will reportedly include an LP and CD with alternate versions of “Wind of Change” in Spanish and Russian as well as performed with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and an 84-page hardcover book.

Back in May, Meine denied the rumor that the hit song was actually anti-communist propaganda written by the CIA, saying, “I thought it was very amusing and I just cracked up laughing. It’s a very entertaining and really crazy story but like I said, it’s not true at all.”

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