Movies | June 26, 2019 10:57 am

Did Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul Confirm a “Breaking Bad” Reunion?

Fans of the hit AMC series certainly seem to think so

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston speak at Comic-Con International 2018. (Kevin Winter/Getty)
Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston speak at Comic-Con International 2018. (Kevin Winter/Getty)
Getty Images

Fans of Breaking Bad believe they got some good news courtesy of a pair of tweets from show co-stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul.

Demonstrating the same chemistry they displayed while playing co-conspirators Walter White and Jesse Pinkman, Cranston and Paul put out simultaneous tweets Tuesday which showed an image of a donkey with a single word: “Soon.”

Fans, understandably, got very excited and assumed the tweets mean Cranston will be returning in some capacity to reprise his role as White in the follow-up film from creator Vince Gilligan. The previously-announced sequel film, which is headed to Netflix before it goes to AMC, will focus on what befalls Paul’s character Pinkman following the series finale. That episode aired on AMC in 2013 and is regarded as one of the better series finales in recent memory.

Adding fuel to the notion that a White/Pinkman reunion is in the works was Better Call Saul showrunner Peter Gould, who also worked as a writer and producer on Breaking Bad, responding to the simultaneous tweets by writing “Looking forward to this.”

Of course, another way to interpret the tweets is that Cranston and Paul will be sharing the screen again in Better Call Saul, which returns for its fifth season in 2020.

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