The 21 Best Places to Watch the Election in NYC

Tacos. Karaoke. Trump Vodka cocktails. Let’s review.

November 8, 2016 9:00 am

By this time tomorrow, it’ll all be over (the election and possibly the world as we know it, results pending).

Might as well spend the final hours in the company of likeminded people. And booze. Lots of it.

Hence, we��ve compiled a list of the 21 best places in NYC to watch Wolf Blitzer excitedly point at a map, as based on your desired viewing environment.

Without further ado, here’s where to watch if you …

Hate Both Candidates and Want to Plot a Revolution: Village Pourhouse

Want Actual Smart, Reasonable Bipartisan Conversation With Strangers: Brooklyn Winery

Are Scared: Under your bed

If You’re Sick of All This and Just Want Some Sports: Ditch Plains

Think We Should Lock Her Up: Trump Bar

Are Happily (and Legally) Married and Want that Freedom Upheld: Housing Works

Need to Throw a Going Away Party for All Your Mexican Friends: Campeon

Want to Grab Women by the P*ssy: Literally nowhere ever.

Secretly Want to Ruin Everything and Vote for Jill Stein: The Drip Alchemy Bar

Don’t Want to Remember the Results in the Morning: The VNYL

See the Horrible Results on a 90-inch Screen: Nitehawk Cinema

Have a Taco Because It’s Tuesday: Pacific Standard

Not Actually Know What’s Happening: CinéSalon

Listen to Old Men Wax Nostalgic About the Civility of the Nixon-Kennedy Days: Keens Steakhouse

Watch Amateur Comedians Make Everyone Nervous With Armchair Commentary: The Bell House

Meet Someone You Can Marry for Citizenship in Another Country: Black Forest Brooklyn

Want to Drink Everything But Trump Vodka: Russian Tea Room

Drink Somewhere That Has No Walls: Haven Rooftop

Be Unsure If Everyone Around You Has Voted the Same Way as You: Rock Center Cafe

You’re Really Gonna Move to Canada: Dinosaur BBQ (Ed. note: You must order the Dino Poutine)

Need to Sing Your Election Blues Away: Sid Gold’s Request Room

photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images


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