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What Life Is Like on the Secret Martian Colony ... in Hawaii

EuroMoonMars IMA HI-Seas is simulating Martian and lunar life right here on earth

“Simple Sabotage” — The CIA’s Guide for “Rascally Spies”

America’s WWII advice for citizen saboteurs included telegram tampering and giving bad directions.

Epic “Battle of the Ice” Rivaled the Casualties of “Game of Thrones”

Two armies faced off on a frozen lake in 1242 and set the course of history.

The “Free-Wheeling” Amateur Spies of WWII Indochina

How a trio of adventurers created one of the era’s most effective spy rings.

Why the British Military Ran a Laundry Service and Massage Parlor

The 1970s ruse was an elaborate, dangerous and ultimately deadly way to trace explosives.

Vulcan-mania: Discovering the Planet That Wasn’t There

A Frenchman saw something that set the scientific world on fire 160 years ago today.

Rods From God: A Space Weapon to Make Thor Jealous

This far-out, decades-old idea wasn’t laughed off by the U.S. Air Force.

What Not to Do After Robbing a Bank: Put the Money Right Back

America’s first bank heist in 1798 was a success, until the thief tried to re-deposit the money.

“No One Is Safe”: Hunting the Libyan Hit Squads of the 1980s

The CIA suspected at least 10 murders around the world were related assassinations.

How America’s First African-American Diplomat Saved Thousands of Lives

Ebenezer Bassett took advantage of slow communications to buck U.S. policy and save others.

How the CIA Caught One of the Worst Russian Spies in History

Aldrich Ames hid his betrayal for years, but money gave him away.

What Are GMDs and Why Is the US Government Worried About Them?

The source of these potentially catastrophic threats to America’s electrical grid is the sun.

Inside the Secret WWII Training and Interrogation Base in the Shadow of D.C.

Fort Hunt, known only by a PO box, held high-value German prisoners and U.S. secrets.

Taken: Why an American Ambassador Was Kidnapped 50 Years Ago in Rio

C. Burke Elbrick had been in Brazil less than two months when men with guns came for him.

Death of the White Rose: When Nazis Turned to Guillotine to Execute Students

Seventy six years ago this Friday, Hitler's edict led to gruesome death for three young dissidents.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt Escaped Death by Inches

Instead, a would-be assassin killed the man shaking the president’s hand.