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The Unsolved Case of Accused Spy Felix Bloch

The high-ranking diplomat was watched as he passed “stamps” to a Soviet agent.

Inside the CIA’s Secret Cold War Program to Spy on a Soviet Embassy

The now-declassified Project CATOPHAT was the World Cup of spy games.

US Hacker Squads Constantly On the Attack in New Cyberwar Strategy

In strategic shift, military cyber chief says, “we must take this fight to the enemy.”

How Assassins’ Bullets Killed a Monarchy

Portugal’s King Carlos I was murdered as he rode in an open carriage in 1908.

How the Assassination of a CIA Station Chief Became a Greek Tragedy

Richard Welch’s death became a flashpoint in the debate over CIA activities abroad.

That Time Reporter Nellie Bly Became a 19th Century Global Sensation

In 1890, she went around the world in 72 days, pet monkey included.

How the World’s Smallest Military Force Has Survived for 500 Years

On this day: The Swiss Guard began guarding the Pope more half a millennium ago.

Real-Life “Jackal” Revealed “Killing De Gaulle Was Only the First Step”

The assassin who inspired the famous novel and movie hid an intense coldness.

How to Make an ‘Atomic Lake’ (Nuclear Bomb Required)

On this day 54 years ago, the Soviet Union took drastic measures to make artificial body of water.

The CIA’s Long, Failed Quest to Get Inside the Mind of a Traitor

One constant profile trait emerged: “Nobody ever defected because he was happy."

How Fight Over Flag at High School Became Deadly International Incident

55 years ago today, riots broke out at the Panama Canal.

In the Air With Operation Carpetbagger, a Secret WWII Mission

One of the military's high-risk missions took flight 75 years ago today.

Confessions of a Soviet Assassin

Bogdan Stashinkiy was an expert in “liquid affairs," but a disaster with locks.

How the CIA Finally Caught One of Russia’s “Most Successful” Spies

Two movie tickets played a role in the Cold War chase.

The Unknown Story of Spy Doctors of World War II

The first medics with the CIA’s precursor agency risked their lives to save others.

The CIA Is Taking Notes From James Bond

Spy agency's investment firm, named for 007 gadget geek, banks on a virtual future.