Watches | October 26, 2017 9:00 am

Autodromo’s ’80s Rally Car-Inspired Watch Is a Technical Masterpiece

Father. Up above. Have mercy.

The fact that the gentlemen at Worn & Wound have released four exclusive watches doesn’t mean they’ll ever pursue a fifth. But at this rate, we’re crossing our fingers that they do.

The respected watch site just launched its fourth collaboration, this go ‘round with Autodromo, the automotive gear brand inspired by the golden era of racing. For two companies whose mission it is to sweat the details, it’s the perfect partnership.

The new collaboration sees Worn & Wound remixing Autodromo’s beloved Group B, an incredibly light, thin and sharp timepiece inspired by the Group B era of rally racing. Of the collection, Worn & Wound calls it one of the most “unique lines of watches to have come out in the last several years.”

And it’s true. Technical details include a two-tone case that combines brushed gun metal steel and a matte titanium core, powered by the world-renowned Miyota 9015 movement. What you won’t find anywhere else? A black dial with hot red markers and hands, along with a U.S. made lined Coal single-pass strap.

In short: it’s a work of beauty.

Head on over to Worn & Wound for purchase details.