Vehicles | August 19, 2017 5:00 am

Watch F-35B Fighter Jet Take Off Using a Ski Ramp

Epic flight test highlights the aircraft's short take-off capabilities.

British fighter pilots are combining Top Gun with the X-Games when it comes to taking off from aircraft carriers.

According to fighter-jet-maker Lockheed Martin, the Brits have been using what is known as a “ski jump” takeoff mechanism from its aircraft carriers for 30-plus years instead of the catapult-method seen in action on U.S. ones. The jump is meant to push the aircraft up and forward at the same time—and makes for shorter takeoffs (and therefore shorter aircraft carriers).

The aircraft manufacturer, in partnership with U.K.-based BAE Systems, built its fleet of F-35B fighter jets to have that capability, along with vertical landing. (Per Wired, the entire F-35B program has been estimated to cost around $350 billion.)

But enough with the minutia. You want to see this baby in action, right? Watch the video above.