Vehicles | April 10, 2017 9:00 am

Giant Speedboat Handles Like a Dream, Even at 69 MPH

Nary a beer was spilled on the poop deck that day

Speedboats come with a fairly unavoidable predicament: they’re fast, and that’s not always comfortable for your passengers.

But Monégasque yachtmaker Wally is serving boaters some cake they can eat, too, with the new Wallytender X. At a glance, it has the long, thin, velocity-loving silhouette of a cigarette boat. But the 12-foot width, open-format layout and unusually large foam seats give passengers plenty of room for relaxing at sea. When the Wallytender X is at rest, the bow can also be transformed into a dining area with the help of a pop-up table.

wallytender x (9 images)

But don’t let the on-deck appointments fool you — this is a vessel that means business. The 45-footer can carry up to three six-cylinder Mercury 400 Verado RCD2 outboard racing engines, making for a total giddy-up of 1,200 horses. At full tilt, that’s good for about 60 knots (or 69 mph).

That means you’ll be getting to those choice coves for a picnic before anyone else.