Vehicles | September 15, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s Your ‘Uge Chance to Own Donald Trump’s Lamborghini

The Diablo the Donald drove in ‘02 is on eBay

You may not remember it, but the first time Donald Trump formally ran for president was in 2000.

He didn’t win. And to wallow his sorrows, we imagine he probably went for a tearful drive in a Lamborghini that, after being registered in Florida, has now made its way onto eBay in New York by way of California.

The ‘97 Lamborghini Diablo VT that’s currently listed for $460,000 has Trump’s name on its badging and Florida insurance card, and the seller notes the vehicle was painted in custom “Lemans Blue” just for the Donald.

With a V12 engine capable of churning out 492 Appaloosas,  a five-speed manual transmission and 18-inch rims, the all-wheel-drive, carbon-fiber model is no stranger to turning heads. It’s also got a removeable roof that we can’t imagine saw too much use when it was over the Donald’s head (read: hair hazard).

The asking price for the car (which was previously listed for $299k) is high, but if Trump succeeds in 2016 where he failed in 2000, the Lamborghini’s resale value could be great again.

One word of caution: we hear the steering wheel was possibly modified to accommodate small hands.