| October 1, 2017 9:00 am

TriNova Is a Car Wash in a Bottle

Pull out the car and grab the TriNova

TriNova Is a Car Wash in a Bottle
Carlos Romero
By The Editors

What’s a more exhilarating sight than the open road through your windshield? 

Your car, just after it’s been washed.

Front grill gleaming. Tailpipe sparkling. Paint shining like the day you bought it. You almost don’t want to drive it — except you do, because, well, how else are you gonna show your handiwork off?

Here to provide you with said immaculate-whip-satisfaction without the need to spend all damn day to get it: TriNova’s Waterless Car Wash & Wax Kit.

That’s right. No hose. No bucket. No sponges.  

Simply pour a half-ounce of concentrate into the spray bottle, fill with water, then mist on your car and wipe away with the microfiber towel. No extra equipment, no streaks and no detailer drama.

Best of all, instead of the the one-bottle per wash waste of other companies, this’ll last you 32. The math on that? You can clean your car once a week for 7 months for less than $30.

TriNova’s also got you covered on everything from leather conditioner to pet stain remover to hardwood floor cleaner, and they’re offering our readers 15% off on their site or Amazon with the code 15INSIDE.