Vehicles | October 24, 2016 9:00 am

This GT40 Replica Is the Most Fun You Can Have With Pants On

Your Le Mans moment awaits

This isn’t your typical “have your cake and eat it too” supercar.

Meaning: yes, it’s about as much fun as you can have with pants on. But also: it may leave you sore, ghost-white and partially deaf.

Superperformance’s replica GT40 MKII 50th Anniversary Edition is for the driver who wants to strap in for a visceral, pedal-to-the-metal experience. It’s loud, it’s tight, it’s engaging and it’s fast.

Known for their ’60s-focused revivals, Superperformance will be producing 20 of these GT40 recreations in homage to Ford and Carroll Shelby’s ‘66 Le Mans victory, when Ford began a four-year winning streak, flipping the bird to Ferrari and leaving and indelible mark in rally history.

But don’t let the GT40’s replica status fool you. Two-thirds of the remake’s component are interchangeable with the original, and when fitted with Shelby’s uniquely prepared aluminum-block 427 FE V8, it’s even considered authentic enough to qualify for Shelby vehicle registry.  

The most authentic part, though, is the ride itself. It does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, and with no sissified sound-deadening, the 550 ponies churning out from beneath driver’s ass are intended to be felt as much as they are heard.

Aside from minor contemporary specs like the inclusion of a specialty built A/C, the GT40 is totally primal. The lack of power steering means constant engagement (expect a serious arms and shoulders workout) and a sharp, controlled maneuvering. You give an order, and it immediately gives you feedback.

The experience is one which intimately connects driver and road.

via Autoblog