Vehicles | November 21, 2016 9:00 am

Subaru’s Plans for an SUV Just Went From Full-Size to Supersize

If your name is Ford Explorer, be afraid. Very afraid.

Upon arrival at this year’s LA Auto Show, Subaru didn’t want to go home, so instead they went big.

Revealed at the 2016 edition of the show, the VIZIV-7 SUV Concept represents the automaker’s vision for the level of  “enjoyment and peace of mind” Subaru wants to provide to its customers.

Measuring in at a six-feet high and a tick over 17 feet in length, the seven-seat VIZIV-7 offers three rows of seating and is being billed as “the biggest Subaru vehicle ever.”

Representing core brand values like “safety, dependability and capability for outdoor activities,” the four-wheel-drive concept could be introduced to showrooms in North America by early 2018.

Until then …