Vehicles | September 26, 2016 9:00 am

Kids Who Care About Planet Earth Drive Pint-Sized McLaren P1s

What's 100% electric and pre-programmed with nursery rhymes?

The specs of McLaren’s new car — all-electric design, distinct Volcano Yellow paintjob, 0 MPH to top speed in two seconds — make it sound awfully enticing … until you get to the last one:

It’s only available to customers aged six and under.

A smaller version of the McLaren P1, the new electric vehicle differs from the original model by offering an open-top design, central driving position and an MP3 sound system that’s been pre-programmed with popular nursery rhymes.

The design of the Ride On McLaren P1 does include the same signature dihedral doors as the full-size edition, although its top speed is only 3 MPH, compared to big brother’s 218.

Startable via a one-button system that also automatically turns on the lights and the car’s A/C unit, the electric P1 is the smallest McLaren in history, and is priced accordingly, at just $485.

Look for it to hit the streets in late October, just in time for really, really conspicuous drive-by eggings.