Vehicles | September 12, 2016 9:00 am

Behold, the World’s Lightest Electric Bike

Ride like the wind, then lug it up a few flights — no sweat

Electric bikes have plenty of pluses — being powered by electricity chief among them — but one consistent issue has been weight: Add a motor and a battery to a bike, and you’re looking at some necessary gains. And cyclist will tell you that carrying a few extra pounds really matters. 

That’s what makes the arrival of the Model E from Vermont manufacturer Budnitz Bicycles such impressive news: It’s been trimmed of any fat, and the company is touting it as the lightest-ever electric bike. 

The frame is made from a strong-but-light 3AL 2.5V titanium alloy (or 4130 Cro Moly Steel), but the real weight savings are in the electrical components, which come in a 250-watt, Italian-made all-in-one hub. That system can add up to 15 miles per hour to your ride. 

The range? Up to 100 miles. Pedal backwards or coast and you’ll help power the system. 

Nothing about this bike is cheap — neither the components nor the price. But if you’re looking for the crème de la crème of electric bicycles, this one’s worth considering.