Vehicles | July 14, 2016 9:00 am

Here’s a Look Inside Lamborghini’s New Custom Studio/Playground for Car Lovers

You can now design a custom Huracan or Aventador at Lambo HQ

Porsche recently unveiled an online 911 R customization platform.

And as is customary in high-end car circles, it appears their rivals took notice.

Because Lamborghini has now responded with a move of their own that not only matches Porsche’s play, but could possibly change the luxury car-buying experience altogether.

In order to let customers purchasing a Huracan or Aventador truly make their once-in-a-lifetime purchase, well, once-in-a-lifetime, Lamborghini just opened the Ad Personam Studio at its Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters.

After selecting their car’s configurations following a guided factory tour, buyers will pay a visit to the concept studio and be paired up with an Ad Personam specialist.

Once they’re in the studio — which is housed in the guts of the automaker’s production facility — customers will be able to customize features like their new speedster’s leather type, interior material, color, steering wheel, seats and rims, as well as add optional accessories. 

In order to give buyers a detailed preview of their car, the studio houses “an advanced car configurator for digital simulation of possible options” as well as a lounge area where previously ordered models are put on display.

Lamborghini began offering a limited version of the Ad Personam program in 2006, but decided to create a full studio after the percentage of customized car orders tripled over the past three years.

While customers can’t create a Huracan snowmobile at the new studio (sigh), it sounds like almost anything else is on the table.