Vehicles | September 12, 2018 9:00 am

There’s Now a DIY Kit for England’s Beloved Sagaris Sportscar

You can finally get one stateside — assuming you can build it

How good are you with a wrench?

Because a Canary Island-based concern called Grex Automotive is putting together assembly-required kits for the coveted English Sagaris sportscar, now shippable stateside.

The Sagaris, designed by automotive company TVR in Blackpool, Lancashire, first began to appear in 2003, and public models followed in 2005. It’s built for endurance racing, so there are special details, airvents and intake openings on the body for performance optimization. As a refresher, those events can span 600-1,000 miles, and run for 24 hours at a time. Intense stuff, and not for a novice by any means. That means there’s an even keener need to be a pro when it comes to assembling your Sagaris at home.

Sagaris (2 images)

Oh yes, did we mention you need to build it yourself? Grex Automotive offers you their all-new components in 14 stages for about $58K (organized in logical sections to make it easier on the buyer). Still, you’ll need to be fluent in all things brakes, suspension, body, cooling system, electrical and more to complete the job. Financing is available for the components, but note that the more bundles you split your buy into, the more shipping costs you’ll incur.

Grex is making 10 kits available for 2019, so if you are interested in taking the very exciting, exceedingly dangerous leap to a Sagaris, start there.

Images: Grex Automotive