Vehicles | November 23, 2016 9:00 am

Here Are Some Dark and Foreboding Photos of a Mysterious Three-Wheeled Supercar

Another contender to the electric car throne has emerged

It took 80 years, but Canada figured out how to strike back at Great Britain for controversially beating them in hockey and capturing gold at the 1936 Winter Olympics: three-wheeled electric sportscars.

In a move that poses a direct challenge to the U.K.’s rejuvenated Morgan marque, Quebec-based startup Girfalco announced they’ll be revealing their own electric three-wheeler on December 2nd.

Dubbed the Azkarra, the two-seat model will be available in both a standard (one motor) and “S” (three motors) version and Girfalco says it will rank “fastest in its class” in acceleration time, which means it should do 0-60 MPH in less than 3.0 seconds, as Motor Authority points out.

While we don’t know what sort of electric engine the roofless cars will have, we do know they can be outfitted with options like a suede-lined steering wheel and a Kenwood sound system.

“The road will be fraught with pitfalls, but the destination will be worth it,” Girfalco says.

As long as that destination involves Azkarras being sold in the U.S., we say sock it to those Brits.