Vehicles | September 18, 2017 9:00 am

Found Your Childhood Dream Car, Looks Just Like the Poster

Less than 10K on the odometer and ready to drive off the lot

Red, yellow, black, white — those are just such obvious sportscar colors.

So while no supercar collection is complete without a Lamborghini Countach, this epic Blu Tahiti LP400 number would really set an assemblage apart.

In original “Periscopica” form, this was the 77th ride of just 160 Countach models to receive the designation. The Periscopica rides used a small light channel in the interior to drive light towards the rearview mirror to aide in rear visibility. A real plus considering most of the rear visibility in a Lambo is solely based on faith that whatever is there will notice you coming and move out of the way.  

Periscopica (4 images)

The blue beauty is now up for sale via Astoria, NY’s Gullwing Motors for a firm $1,095,000. A fair asking price when you considering an older ride in the same hue sold in 2014 for $1.2m.

This listing has been given a comprehensive two-year restoration and —fun! — still comes with its original Philips cassette player and factory A/C. Pretty close to a purist’s dream.

The Countach is running on a proper 3.9-liter 12-cylinder engine in the rear with 375 horsepower and just under 10,000 miles on the odi.

All in all, ol’ blue here is about as sensible a steal as one is going to get when it comes to the outrageous world of classic supercars.