Sports | August 20, 2016 4:00 am

This Olympic Fencer Didn’t Medal, But She’s Made History

Nzingha Prescod is the second ranked female foil fencer in the United States, and she’s already made history. In 2015, Prescod was the first African-American woman to win an individual medal at the Senior World Championships when she took bronze. There was not a repeat of that feat in Rio, much less her getting her first gold. (Both American women lost in the second round.) But that’s not how progress really happens. It’s the subtle improvements each day–that extra rep in the gym, the additional minute studying form, that bigger puddle of sweat. Big changes are made in small steps.

Before Prescod attended the Olympics in Brazil, she was the subject of a short film made by Anderson Wright. He followed the 23-year-old as she trained under Peter Westbrook, who broke racial barriers in fencing himself. Prescod’s story is an example of dedication and passion towards a singular goal. She may be disappointed this year, but if the video below is an indication of her work ethic, you should have no doubts that she’ll come back to the Olympics.