Sports | September 19, 2017 10:05 am

Fewer Fans Attended Rams and Chargers Games Than Saturday College Matchup

USC-Texas game saw 84,714 in stands, while Rams, Chargers games combined for just 81,993.

President Trump’s not the only one worried about the size of his crowds.

According to one journalist at NBC’s College Football Talk (see tweet below), both of the National Football League’s Los Angeles–based teams—The L.A. Rams and newly christened L.A. Chargers—had rather ugly attendance numbers during respective matchups this past Sunday. The two teams combined for just 81,993 butts in seats. The situation is so dire, notes SB Nation, that seats at last week’s Ram’s game were selling for as little as $6 a pop. (It’s also worth noting that capacity at the Chargers’ home field, the StubHub center, is just 27,000.)

Compare that to the attendance of the USC-Texas game the night before, and it’s a downright laughable: The college football game brought in 84,714 attendees, easily outselling the two league games. Remember, college athletes are doing it for the love of the game, not making millions of dollars in salaries and endorsements—not to mention the fact that they have to, you know, study.

Man, must Los Angelenos miss the L.A. KISS.