Science | October 26, 2017 9:01 am

Scientific Proof That Carnival Games Scam You

YouTuber Mark Rober shows you how to actually win the unwinnable.

Ah yes, the carnival. The popcorn, the corndogs, the funnel cake. The face-painting, the cows—and the scammers.

Yes, we’re referring to those sketchy looking mustachioed gentlemen who run the carnival games out of their big silver trailers. The ones that you try and try to win to impress the person with you, and usually, walk away with a bruised ego and no stuffed animal.

YouTube personality Mark Rober, who is an engineer, decided to go to a carnival and figure out just how those carnies end up nailing you—through the use of science. He goes after all the usual suspects: the “random chance games,” “skill-based games,” and the “near-impossible games.”

Thankfully, Rober also provides some tips as to how one might win the seemingly most unwinnable games there.

Watch the video above.