Home Goods | November 29, 2016 9:00 am

So a Stereo and a Lamborghini Walk Into One of Those Pay-By-the-Hour Hotels…

There's definitely no muffler on this beast

We won’t say it beats the music that comes out of an actual Lamborghini Aventador’s motor — but it runs it pretty damn close.

Built as a collaboration between Lamborghini and high-end hi-fi speaker manufacturer iXOOST, the ESAVOX docking station is centered around a replica exhaust system coated in carbon fiber.

Handmade in Italy and capable of blasting 6.1 virtual surround sound, the Bluetooth-enabled speaker system has a pair of tube preamps, a 600-watt amplifier and a 15-inch subwoofer that can produce an additional 200 watts of its own.

Perfected over two years, iXOOST says the ESAVOX system is “the culmination of our dreams.”

“ESAVOX was designed according to the idea that the style follow the instincts,” iXOOST says. “The meticulous research of Lamborghini lines has led to the creation of an object that immediately recalls the style of the bull.” Seeing as the system is priced at $26k, you cash flow will have to be strong like one to claim it.