It’s a Build-a-Bear Workshop for Superyachts

As has been been pointed out quite eloquently, something’s amiss with the price of the GTT 115 Hybrid yacht that Studio F.A. Porsche and superyacht builder Dynamiq just teamed up to build.

At $13 million, the price is too damn low.

Fortunately, Dynamiq has created a way for bank breakers to max out their checkbooks in a far more substantial way, by building your very own custom superyacht with their online GTT 130 Configurator. With an extra 15 feet of length compared to the Porsche model, the standard GTT 130 comes with a massive sun deck, a pair of V12 engines, a pool and a $15.5m price tag.

That’s where the fun of the configurator comes in. Essentially a Build-a-Bear workshop for those with money to burn and/or a midlife crisis to indulge, the configurator tool allows users to select the color of their boat, add in exterior packages like “London Chic,” and tack on little extras like a helipad, 17-foot yacht tender or Mercedes-Benz Viano V220 CD (there’s room on the sun deck).

Once satisfied with the design, you can submit a request for a build. And then 17 months after your contract is signed, Dynamiq turns over the keys to a new yacht.

Bon chance, Captain.