Home Goods | October 6, 2016 5:00 am

Converting Cardboard into an Eco-Friendly Surfboard

Francois Jaubert's surfboard made from cardboard. (VISSLA)


Francois Jaubert is the founder of the French architectural firm COMAC, but he decided he didn’t want to design buildings: he wanted to design surfboards. Well, at first he just wanted to retire and pursue the surfing life as he traveled the world, but quickly inspiration struck and he decided to help start the Upcycle Contest to encourage people to transform waste into items that could help people better experience the ocean.

His own contribution: a surfboard that is 90% made from reused materials. The main structure is made from recycled cardboard, the contour shaped with homemade pasta, and the finishing composed of polyester and fiber resins.

Read more about Jaubert here or watch him at work in the video below.