Home & Design | January 22, 2018 9:00 am

Just Your Average Tiny House Built Around an Heirloom Whiskey Still

And yes, that's a vintage soaking tub up top

If we were asked where a tiny house constructed around a family’s heirloom whiskey still was built, “Portlandia” would be out of our mouth faster than you can say “out a bird on it.”

But we would be wrong, because the Honey on the Rock tiny home, its namesake the whiskey the still it’s built around produced, was made in Indiana by Bloomington-based studio Carpenter Owl.

Weighing about 11,000 pounds and measuring 22 feet long and 13.5 feet high, the 1.5-story home has a compact main floor with a lofted bedroom and a deck which is outfitted with a vintage soaker tub overhead.

Clad in walnut with cedar trim, the home’s centerpiece — the antique still — is stashed inside a copper-topped table with a working wood stove sitting on top. That old-school addition is complemented by retro touches like a copper sink, wooden lamps and a spiral staircase.

Featuring soldered copper plumbing throughout, the home cost Carpenter Owl $85k to finish.

If you’re ever in Bloomington, look for it parked outside the hippest organic coffee shop in town.