History | July 19, 2016 5:00 am

Rare Collection of Baseball Hall of Fame Cards Discovered in Boston

Trove includes second rarest card in history

Fairy Godmother Find
The 'Fairy Godmother Find' collection (Courtesy of Just Collect Inc.)
Fairy Godmother Find
The ‘Fairy Godmother Find’ collection (Courtesy of Just Collect Inc.)


The “find” is what keeps baseball cards in the news. This is when an unsuspecting person—or expert collector—comes upon a collection of cards that has major historic (and usually, monetary) value. One can look back to 1986 to the “1952 Topps Find,” which uncovered a trove of the modern era’s rarest cards; or more recently, the “Black Swamp Find,” which uncovered a collection of cards from 1910 worth in the neighborhood of $3 million.

While certainly not as lucrative as the two described above, the latest, dubbed the “Fairy Godmother Find“—featuring cards from the 1909-11 T206 tobacco card set—is certainly of substantial historical consequence. For one, it includes 36 separate baseball Hall of Famers—many of which have multiple copies in different poses (a quirk of the 1909-11 T206 tobacco set that they’re a part of). Players include Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Napoleon Lajoie, Christy Mathewson, Tris Speaker, and Eddie Plank.

T206 Eddie Plank
1909-11 T206 Eddie Plank, the second rarest baseball card in history (Courtesy of Just Collect Inc.)


The Plank card, in particular, is the card collecting world’s second-rarest baseball card to the T206 Honus Wagner (in condition, worth over $4 million). In its best condition, the Plank has sold for as much as $675,000.00. The Godmother Plank, however, is in pretty rough shape, but should go for about $25,000, according to Leighton Sheldon, president of Just Collect Inc. Sheldon values the collection at about $50,000 and says he’s planning on selling it via a 10-day eBay auction in early August.

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