Huzzah! New Prostate Cancer Treatment Is Non-Invasive, Wildly Effective.

Although the prostate cancer survival rate is already among the highest, we’d prefer to see that motherlover at 100%.

For now, we’ll settle for 98.6.

That’s the cure rate researchers at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center are claiming after using a new method called Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) to treat 91 prostate cancer patients during a five-year clinical trial.

By delivering a high dose of radiation to the prostate via myriad beams at multiple angles, the SBRT method can accomplish in just five doctor visits what conventional radiation therapy would get done in 44 such sessions.

In addition to drastically reducing the amount of doctor visits patients must endure, the SBRT method’s above-average success rate is achieved without causing any out-of-the-ordinary side effects.

“The high cure rate is striking when compared to the reported five-year cure rates from other approaches like surgery or conventional radiation,” says lead study author Dr. Raquibul Hannan.

“What we now have is a more potent and effective form of completely noninvasive treatment for prostate cancer, conveniently completed in five treatments.”

Well done, ladies and gents.