Hilton Adds ‘Private Gym’ to Accommodations Offerings
By Reuben Brody / May 31, 2017 9:00 am

Ask any trainer and they’ll tell you all it takes to stay trim is a little exercise every day. Hence, the proliferation of easy, 10 to 20 minute high-intensity interval workouts.

Sounds easy, right? Right. But the rubber rarely  meets the road when you’re … well, on the road. Talking business trips and what have you. Because staying fit while travelling has always been easier said than done.  

To meet society’s growing interest in staying healthy, Hilton Hotels is in the process of rolling out a new room category it’s calling Five Feet to Fitness, which is basically a suite that doubles as a private gym in select hotels. The rooms come with a Wattbike exercise bike, a bosu ball, weights, kettlebells, a medicine ball and TV where you can watch exercise videos, all of which is housed neatly in a Gym Rax. 

For now, the program is available at Pac 55 in San Francisco, with plans to roll it out in Austin, Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and San Diego.

We say “program” because that’s what it is. In addition  to all the equipment, wellness amenities also include protein shakes and bars and even a special chair with black-out curtains for mediating and getting a great night’s rest.

No excuses now. Head on over to Hilton for more info.