This Suitcase Comes With a Fully Stocked Kitchen
By Tanner Garrity / May 16, 2018 9:00 am

Remember those folks who brought you silver suitcases that opened up to reveal a full-length bed or workstation? Well they’re back, and they’re still creating luggage for head-scratchingly specific use cases — this time for the culinarily inclined.

Mark Sadler, designer for modular luggage brand FPM, continues to redefine portability with his Bank Collection of nesting-doll-style luggage. The latest piece, tucked within a familiar aluminum-plated design, offers a fridge, cooking range, easel for cutting and drying, and five different drawers for housing various utensils.

If you’re planning on bringing this thing on a plane, be prepared to pay some copious overweight fees. And maybe leave the Japanese steak knives at home.

You can check out FPM’s site here for more info.

kitchen suitcase (2 images)