Food & Drink | May 5, 2017 9:00 am

Oregon Winery to Pay Someone to Travel, Drink All the Wine

Need a summer 'job'?

Is it just me or is it a little ironic that a wine company wants to hire someone to drive across the country in a van full of wine? Driving and drinking red and whites all day: what could go wrong?

But if that sounds like your dream job, Oregon-based Union Wine Co. this week put out a call for a “Canbassador,” which will involve driving the company’s converted 1972 Citroen mobile wine bar to festivals and the like, preaching the gospel of the grape.

So, #VanLife for the ritzy, you must be thinking. Not quite.

From the job listing: “While traveling around the country promoting wines sounds incredibly fun (it is), often, this involves being away from home for extended periods of time (1-4 months at a time), working long hours, adapting to stressful and changing conditions — all the while providing a positive attitude and memorable experience for customers encountered during the trip.”

Sounds like a kiosk gig at a mall, except instead of a kiosk you’re chained to the wheel of a manual clunker. You also must be able to lift “50 pounds repeatedly,” presumably of wine.

Which brings us back to … hey, there’s wine! And not just any wine — canned wine.

Sound like the job for you? Head on over to Union Wine Co. for the full details.

And drink responsibly.