Food & Drink | March 14, 2017 9:00 am

This Is a Tortilla Toaster. It Makes Tacos at Light Speed.

What if we told you you've been doing taco night all wrong?

While scientists have solved the serious issue of improperly flipped burgers with the creation of Flippy the robot, they’ve yet to address the equally potent problem of terribly tossed tortillas.

Until they do tackle the tortilla situation, the Nuni Toaster seems like a fine stopgap.

Capable of delivering a perfectly cooked six-pack of toaster-to-table tortillas in about a minute, the tabletop appliance can deliver corn, wheat or flour offerings at your desired crispness level.

The idea for the toaster came about after its creator, Elliot Benitez, noticed how often his mother had to leave the kitchen table while their family was eating a meal to go and heat more tortillas.

Tortilla Toaster (2 images)

“By determining the amount of time it takes to warm a tortilla, I was able to calculate my mother had spent 60 days over the past 20 years warming batches of tortillas for our family,” he said.

Regularly priced at $100, the Nuni is available for preorder for $80 and will be delivered in June.

Guac on, compadre.