Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water
Svalbardi Polar Iceberg Water
Smeerenburg Glacier in Svalbard. (Getty Images)


British department store Harrods is now selling Svalbarði “luxury water” harvested from glaciers bordering Kongsfjorden, a Norwegian inlet roughly 621 miles from the North Pole. Each bottle costs about $63. Harrods began selling Svalbarði water in February 2017.

The brainchild of Norwegian-American businessman Jamal Qureshi, Svalbarði glacier water is collected from glaciers 15 tons of ice at a time, and with the blessing of Norwegian authorities.


The company uses micron filters and UV light to melt the ice into water, which contains no nitrates or pollutants. Indeed, Svalbarði’s purity is one of the major justifications for its hefty price tag.

Its scarcity is another one. Only two expeditions are made per year to collect the ice, and each expedition only produces 13,000 bottles. Not only is it luxury water, it’s small-batch luxury water.

Svalbarði is also sold online, just in case you want to try some and don’t live in the U.K.

—RealClearLife Staff