Food & Drink | April 19, 2017 9:00 am

This Stovetop Pizza Stone Makes Pies Faster Than You Can Eat Them

No oven required

The choice between dining on a frozen pizza or a freshly made pie is really no choice at all.

Thing is, the closest most of us have come to actually whipping up pizzeria-quality pies at home is opening a box of DiGiorno, saying a couple Hail Marys and hoping for the best.

That’s why the folks at Ironate created a stovestop cooker that promises crusty charred pizza in just three minutes. 

Pizza Cooker (3 images)

Made of high carbon steel, the two-piece cooker consists of a cover with wood handles and a 10-inch pan that can heat up to more than 800°F in 10 minutes.

The kind of pie you make in the 10-pound pan — which can also be used on a grill or over a campfire — is up to you, but as long as it has dough, sauce and cheese, the Ironate can handle it. Alternatively, the non-stick cooker can also sear a steak or fry up some fresh vegetables.

Admittedly, the $145 cooker isn’t cheap, but think about all the cash you’ll save on delivery tips.