Culture | October 14, 2014 9:00 am

A Secret Warehouse Full of Sports Cars

Ferraris, Porsches, DeLoreans, oh my!

By The Editors

Every American boy, before he knew the curves of a woman, longed to touch the curves of a sports car.

The ‘63 Corvette. The ‘77 Countach. The ‘92 McLaren F1.

For some, that dream never died.

And for us, that dream is LuxSport and Exotic Classics, two luxury dealers that share a nondescript Long Island warehouse secretly containing more than 200 of the rarest cars on earth.

You can check it out in person.

Step one: give either LuxSport or Exotic Classics a call. Both are staffed by exceedingly friendly chaps who have forgotten more about automobiles than you will ever know.

Step two: cruise out to Syosset, about half an hour outside the city. Pull into the office complex that looks like the kind of place myopic drones continually ask after their missing stapler.

Step three: pick your jaw up off the floor after stepping inside said office complex to find 40,000 square feet of gleaming paint and chrome.

Enough to turn even the most seasoned gearhead into a candy store kid.

Ferraris and Porsches straight off of your childhood bedroom posters. Mint condition muscle cars every bit as cherry as the day your dad drove them off the lot. At least one vintage limo belonging to a legendary Hollywood director.

Many are for sale. All are drool-worthy.

Step right this way to see the most marquee horsepower their car cavern has to offer.

Talk about a toy chest.