You’ll Never Want to Leave NYC’s New Social Club-Meets-Workspace

They say it’s not work if you love your job.

In that case, meet your new not-office: Camp David.

No, not that one.

Camp David is a just-opened space in Industry City with 40,000 square feet of thoughtful and very handsome convenience. From Milk Studio co-founders Erez Shternlicht and Mazdack Rassi, Camp David is going to inspire you to become a reverse commuter.

And they’re huntin’ for members as we speak.

“The creative fervor and sense of possibility in this neighborhood is palpable. Here, there is just so much space to spread out, space to create and collaborate, space to evolve and grow,” says Rassi.

And there’s space to do a whole helluva a lot more than that. Beyond custom-designed private workspaces, Camp David has a cafe with wine and spirits, coffee shop, eat-in kitchen, gym, patio, studio work area, gorgeous lounge areas, private call rooms, lockers, ping-pong, concierge services and, of course, a library.

Camp David (5 images)

Epic views of the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty are a plus, but it’s the tailoring of the space itself — three floors in total — that quietly speaks volumes. There’s a clarity to the ambience that just feels like it would help manifest one’s best work, as if the space gets out of the way to let your head get busy.

For particular creatives, there’s a wall with any and every tool the heart could desire, sound recording equipment, a video editing suite, a presentation lounge and because why the hell not, a ping-pong table.

Networking, grinding or dining — you’re going to be tempted to stay overtime, all of the time.