Culture | January 18, 2018 9:00 am

About That Secret Twin Peaks Bar …

The Twin Peaks Roadhouse Bar: Damn good drinks and ephemera

Cue the girls snapping.

Cue the neon sign with the gun that says Bang Bang Bar.

Cue the Woodsman. Cue Killer Bob. Cue the meatloaf burger and the Log Lady and a slice of damn fine cherry pie.

You’ve just entered David Lynch’s pop-up Roadhouse Bar, now open for a limited time on a hidden Hollywood back patio.

You enter through a shop styled after the Red Room that sells costumes and ephemera from the show. Wander down the red curtain hallway and through Glastonbury Grove into the bar, where live dance and theatrical performances await. Just know that it’s outside, so dress accordingly.

They do dinner and brunch service, and all of the menu items are inspired by the show. Killer Bob is a dark mezcal cocktail. The Woodsman is a gin-soaked number. You’ll need a reservation.

Twin Peaks Menu (3 images)

Go. Have fun. Get weird. (They have that in spades.)

Also, they have some damn good coffee.

Nota bene: The proceeds go to The David Lynch Foundation, which teaches Transcendental Meditation for free to veterans, at-risk youth and prisoners. TM is a nonreligious form of vedic meditation, and there’s science behind it that has been proven to reduce stress, increase focus and mollify the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder. (Full disclosure: Your correspondent has been doing TM for nearly a decade.)